Lynn Phillips Mortgage Credit Foncier Co., Ltd. has been renamed to SBEY Credit Foncier Co., Ltd. on October 9, 2019. We are currently improving our website to serve the commitments offered to our customers. Please rest assured that every deposits from public are still fully insured under the Deposit Protection Agency Act (2008) regulated by Deposit Protection Agency under the supervision of The Ministry of Finance.
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LP Credit is a financial institution operating
under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand,
we are always looking to improve ourselves
and sustain our strong expertise

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Honestly provides all the best to customers
and make sustainable success

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Deposit insured by the Deposit Protection Agency (DPA)

LP Credit provides savings services with the highest return and a fixed interest rate throughout the period while the deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Agency (DPA) in accordance with the limit prescribed by law.