About us

Company’s profile

Lynn Phillips Mortgage Credit Foncier Company Limited was established on July 29, 1977 as a limited company, formerly name as Unico Housing Finance Co., Ltd. and later changed to Unico Housing Credit Foncier Co., Ltd. and changed to Lynn Phillips Mortgage Credit Foncier Company Limited on 23 December 2005 with registered and paid up capital of Baht 135 million. The company was licensed by the Ministry of Finance to operate as a credit foncier, registration number 0105520010462 and license number 33. The company is a dominant small-sized financial institution operating under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand www.bot.or.th. The company with professional and reliable team will focus on all customers’ needs with highest quality products and ethical standards service.

Company’s business

• Deposits LP Credit provides saving deposit services in the form of “Deposit Receipt” with the minimum of one year and premature withdrawal is not permitted. This type of the “Deposit Receipt” is protected principal and interest by the Deposit Protection Agency (DPA) in accordance with the limit prescribed by law. • Loan Grant housing loan, short term and long term loan to each line of customers’ business.

Vision and mission

LP Credit emphasizes on active financial services and provide opportunities to newly registered company ensuring that its business will be continuously growing.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprised of qualified and experienced personnel from various business sectors guiding our business under good governance policy to achieve the objectives set forth.
List of Directors.